Dress Code

The students' physical and emotional safety is uppermost when making dress code policy.

  • No hats are to be worn in the classrooms, office or library. Hats are to be worn with the brim facing forward.

  • Clothing must not have alcohol, drug, tobacco, gang slogans, or weapons.

  • Pajamas are not to be worn to school unless approved by the teacher.

  • No gang apparel or chains.

  • No bare midriffs, no tummies should show.

  • Boys may not wear low cut tank tops with larger than normal armholes and no visible underwear.

  • Girls may wear tank tops with a three or larger finger width. Toyon Middle School includes this rule at their school also.

  • All undergarments must be covered. Students are expected to dress with respect for self and others.

  • Shorts and skirts must have a four-inch inseam.

  • Shoes: Tennis shoes are encouraged for safety. However, shoes worn to school must have backs. No Flip-flops, platforms, or heels are allowed. Tennis shoes with wheels are considered unsafe if the wheels are seen or used. Proper shoes ensure children's safety, especially during P.E. and recess.